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Dr. Elisa Yoho is a state licensed and nationally certified school psychologist, who has been serving the Central Florida area for more than 15 years. Originally from Mexico City, Dr. Yoho relocated to Florida early on in her education to attend Florida Institute of Technology, where she discovered a passion for both psychology and education, and began working toward an Education Specialist degree in School Psychology.

After 11 years working with Brevard Public Schools, Dr. Yoho turned her focus toward earning her doctorate in psychology, and shortly after opened her own private practice in 2011. Now, with both experience and an extensive education under her belt, she continues to provide her services for schools in the community, in addition to her work with her parents and children at her own practice.

Trained in child development, learning, behavior, assessment, educational interventions, motivation, and mental health, Dr. Yoho is dedicated to providing parents with resources to ensure their child's success. After an initial consultation to discuss any specific concerns and behaviors, the necessary evaluations are then given to identify strengths and weaknesses, from which Dr. Yoho is able to create a report for parents to review. From here, she can provide guidance on which behaviors, practices, and curriculum are best suited to their child. In addition to assisting the parents and students, she can also reach out to the teachers and school in order to provide every party with valuable resources.

After years of working directly with children and parents struggling with anything from developmental to behavioral issues, Dr. Yoho understands how frustrating these problems can be for both parents and children. After all, children spend a huge amount of their time in school, and their experience, successes, and challenges there can determine their attitudes toward learning for years to come. Without the proper resources, parents and students might easily feel overwhelmed and helpless, but Dr. Yoho is passionate about understanding the causes of these challenges and providing the tools necessary to transform your child's educational experience into something positive, that will lay a solid foundation for their future.

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